Chat with Friends
Chat with friends without having to share your phone number. Share drawings and location. Send and receive files in dozens of types like picture, video, audio files.
Use Your Energy
Give energy to impacts, contribute to the impacts that you care about, and help prevent unwanted content and abuse. Help creators to create more, let the spammer to be gtfooh
Create Impact, Share Ideas
Share your ideas directly with your university, Create an impact for your community and reach every user instantly. Create or join groups or add users from other universities as friends to interact with them.
Secure, Dynamic, Exclusive
Only Real People
Since Edufav can only be registered with an e-mail address with a .edu extension, each user is allowed to create only one account. Nobody can register with Edufav except university students, lecturers, academicians and university members. Instead of losing time with fake accounts, unwanted and annoying content, you interact with the privileged users of Edufav.
Aesthetic and Functional
Edufav is designed for you in accordance with the iOS Human Interface and Material Design principles developed by Google. Just feel and act!
Safe & Fast Google™ Infrastructure
Edufav is committed to improving your user experience and your privacy. Provides a great user experience with Google infrastructure and technologies. Your Edufav connection is provided with SSL encryption technology, your data is stored on Google servers and processed quickly.
anywhere, anytime, the way you like.

Customized design for large-screen tablets.




Available on all phones with iOS® and Android™ operating system.

Edufav 101

Anyone who has an email with .edu extension, such as university students, academics, research assistant can join Edufav

By default in Edufav; you share your ideas and chat with people in your own university by creating impacts that only the people at your university can have access to. However, if you prefer, you can join groups and share ideas and start group conversations with users in other universities and with friends who you choose by creating private impacts.

The only thing necessary to join Edufav is; is a valid e-mail address with .edu extension. There is no membership differentiation in Edufav. All Edufav users have the same rights.

Edufav does not require any information other than your name, surname and a password, and username, which you can change anytime when you want when you register to Edufav. Registration is complete after you have confirmed the verification e-mail to be sent to the e-mail address you shared during registration. You can interact with real people in the university without having to make any additional choices. Edufav will automatically match your e-mail address and the website domain name of the university.

Energy System; is an advanced, learning artificial intelligence system that enables user activities and impacts to be organized as a result of user actions. Every user and activity in Edufav has a specific energy. The activities that users perform on Edufav can change the energy of their own, other users and impacts. For example; you give some energy to the creator of an impact by giving energy to an impact that you think is useful to you and other users or that you like. So you can contribute to creator of impacts which you think it is beneficial to you, others and and those who create it. Similarly, the Energy System also serves to prevent unwanted impacts from being frequently created and abuse.

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