Your privacy is important to us. We offer you a variety of tools to protect your privacy and we collect various data including personal and private personal data to improve and diversify our services, improve user experience, provide new services, conduct scientific studies, analyze data, solve user issues, post personalized advertisements. Please read the Privacy Policy carefully to be informed about our policies regarding the collection, classification, analysis, storage, processing, distribution, exportation of your data, and operations carried out without limitation.

The Privacy Policy is an integral part of the Edufav terms of use (“Terms”) and should be considered in conjunction with these Terms. All privacy and data handling issues may not be covered in the Privacy Policy. For this reason, please note that the terms specified in the Terms are complementary to this policy and are also valid here. We may also update from time to time in the Terms and Privacy Policy. Even if we try to keep you informed in this case, we can not always succeed. For this reason, please visit our website frequently or contact us to keep up with possible updates to the Privacy Policy and Terms.

Edufav is served “AS IS”. This does not mean that Edufav is not open to development, it does not mean that Edufav’s existing mistakes and deficiencies will also be resolved.

Edufav takes care of all your data, including your personal and private personal data. We generally do not process or store your data without your consent. We generally do not process, store, deploy, transfer, your data except the ones you shared in the Edufav (for example, the information you share in the posts we call “impact” or the messages and photos you send to your friends). However, we will process and store various information (such as the date and time of access to Edufav, for example) without further consent, except that the data we must store and process it for legal reasons. However, with Edufav, we are in cooperation with third parties to improve and diversify our services, to improve user experience, to provide new services, to conduct scientific studies, to analyze data, to solve user problems, to publish personalized advertisements and to carry out other revenue generating activities and we share your private data, including private personal data with them, and you give us an internationally valid right and license including to share, processing, storing, publishing, reproducing, distributing, transferring, deleting and exporting your data without any limitation. For example, we can collect the model of the device you are accessing to Edufav, the screen resolution and battery status and internet access status and other various information about device to give you a better user experience. For example, we can share your display model and operating system information of your phone with Google Analytics™ services located abroad to analyze which screen resolution and operating system you are using, so that we can develop the Edufav design accordingly. However, we may also share your personal and private personal data with third parties to carry out the above-mentioned activities. In this case, you also agree to the Privacy Policy, Terms, Confidentiality of Third Parties and other terms. For example, we use Google Cloud Platform™ services to store and back up Edufav data. For this reason, you also agree to the Google Privacy Policy and related service terms. For detailed information on these policies and conditions, you can visit third parties’ internet sites or contact them directly. Edufav does not make any commitment to Privacy Policy and Terms of third parties.

This document was prepared in Turkish. If any translation of this document conflicts with the Turkish text, the Turkish version shall prevail. You can access the updated Turkish version from our website.


Privacy Policy last updated: August 28, 2017