This Agreement (also called “Terms of Use”, “Terms”, “Rules”, “Contract”) is in Turkish. If any translation of the contract is in conflict with the Turkish text, the Turkish contract shall prevail. Any invalidation of any part of this contract shall not be deemed invalid. In the event that articles that can be interpreted with different meanings in the agreement and / or materials contradicting any other article are found, the articles are interpreted on the basis of the spirit of the Terms. The materials in this case shall have the same validity as the other articles of the terms. You should not accept the terms if the terms are in conflict with the law of the country you are affiliated with.

Do not accept the terms if you do not fully accept all of the materials of the terms. Do not accept the terms if you are being under any pressure, being exposed to fear, deceit and oppression or if you are not completely with your own free will.

Do not accept the terms if you disagree with your choice of using or not benefiting from the Edufav services without exposure to any press including social, financial, psychological factors.

Do not accept the terms if you have even slightest difficulty such as language, the font size, the media features and specifications you read the contract, or other physical and technological conditions you have contracted while reading this terms.

Do not accept the terms if you feel that you do not fully understand any item of the contract, you think you need technical knowledge and experience to understand the contract items and you do not have this technical knowledge and experience and you think that the contract is not written clearly or you cannot make decision.

By accepting this contract, you agree to the contents, applications and any statements made to you and other users on and / or on the Edufav smart device applications and Edufav websites.

As parties to this contract; as well as the rights and responsibilities of us and the transfer of these rights and responsibilities are secured. The parties acknowledge that the free will and all the materials of the contract and the Edufav Community Guidelines are addressed in an open, complete, inclusive and holistic manner and that all the articles of the contract and the Edufav Community Rules are accepted.

Other contracts, terms, conditions, rules and policies, including this agreement, may be updated and changed from time to time without notice to you. You are entirely responsible for their follow-up and control. Your use of Edufav services means that you are reading, understanding, and expressly agreeing to this contract as well as updates and amendments to the terms and conditions of our service providers.




“Edufav”, edufav.com, edufav.com.tr, edufavcore.com refers to Edufav internet sites and servers, Edufav smart device applications and systems and Edufav Services,

Dogru Proje Danismanlik ve Egitim Tic. Ltd. Sti serving his capacity as registered storage provider at Eskisehir Road 2177 Cad. No: 10 / B Viatwins Floor: 20 Zip Code: 06510 Söğütözü, Cankaya / Ankara, Turkey, our employees, officers, suppliers, distributors, service provider, service cooperators or commercial third parties that are involved in business relationships are also expressed in the words “WE”, “US”, “OUR”

In this terms, the words “YOU”, “YOUR”, “YOURS” refers to legal entities and real persons who benefit from or benefit from the user and our services

Some definitions of data processing are:

Open Willing: for a particular topic is meant to be based on informed consent and free will are described.

Anonymous appeared to bring: personal data, identity even in no way matched with other data refers to the case can not be attributed to an identified or identifiable real people.

Contact: refers to the natural person who processed personal data.

Personal Data: Identity refers to any information relating to identified or identifiable natural person.

Processing of personal data: Personal data of which are completely or partially automated or any other data recording system to obtain with non-automatic way on condition that part, recording, storing, maintaining, modification, rearrangement, disclosure, transfer, Takeover, to be obtainable, then, classification or prohibition of its use.

Data processing: Based on the authorization given by the Data refers to real or legal person responsible for processing personal data on his behalf.

Data recording system: It refers to configuring processing of personal data recording system according to certain criteria.

Data responsible: Defining objectives and means of the processing of personal data, real ones responsible for the establishment and management of the data recording system or refers to the legal entity.

Automatic Data File: Refers to all of the information that automatic processing.

Automatic Operation Loss of data performed with fully or partially automated method to automatically process the data to the logical and / or arithmetic operations to be applied, the modification of data, deletion, thereby retrieving or distributing understood.

File Manager:  Refers to legal persons, units, public institution, other organizations which decide the purpose of the automated data file, data categories of personal datas should be recorded and what actions should be taken that are authorized by national laws.




To benefit from Edufav, you must be at least 18 years old. To create an account, you must have an e-mail address with a domain extension that is allowed to use, your name is officially registered to your name and can be verified that you own it, and you must accept this agreement. You agree to use your account and Edufav for the purpose of sharing qualified and useful information.

You may not share your Edufav account with any third party.

In order to protect your account, you must keep your password secret. It is your responsibility to take all necessary precautions to ensure the security of your account.

You must agree that for any reason you have no liability or commitment, including loss, alteration or complete deletion of your data associated with your account.

You must provide your registered e-mail address, first name and surname. You will also need to share your secondary email address and a phone number where we can reach you, so that we can contact you in case you can not access your account. But we still do not guarantee that we will communicate with you and solve any problems.

You may not use Edufav for commercial purposes or for profit purposes, or mediate for these purposes.

You will not be able to give your username and password set by you to third party. Otherwise we reserve the right to indemnity arising from use.

We only grant you the right to use Edufav under certain conditions and for a certain period of time, and you can not transfer this right to others.

If you leave the Edufav membership, you can not claim any rights from us.




Our services are for a certain period of time and are “AS IS” and “being offered”. We do not give any commitment when offering our services. “Alpha” or “beta” versions of our services are offered for use. For this reason, you agree that you will not be harmed by the various data security and data integrity issues during your use of Edufav and your use of our services, including reading, modifying and deleting your data.

You may use our services in accordance with the provisions of the Edufav Community Guidelines that we provide to you.

Since our services vary widely, different additional terms, requirements and restrictions may apply to each user.

You are in compliance with all the policies offered to you under our services. Do not abuse our services. You should not try to access it by any other means other than the interface and instructions we have provided to you. You may only use our services as permitted by law. We do not consider you to abuse our policies or guidelines, think that you misuse our services, or suspend, restrict or stop providing services to you for any other reason, or we may completely exclude you from our services.

When we perform our services, we may change, update or completely remove part or all of our services.

Our services require downloadable software or, if included, it can be automatically updated on your devices when a new version or feature is available. These updates may be provided by a remote server in the form of “on-the-fly” updates as well as through application markets.

We may also use unfinished, pre-release, trial, and beta software when serving our services. Our software, including these software, can store, process, and transfer data on the device as needed. In these processes, the device may cause malfunctions and data loss. You agree not to hold us accountable for these failures and data loss.

If you submit feedback or suggestions about our services, we may use your feedback or suggestions without any obligation to you.

Our services are provided to you in the manner permitted hereunder and as provided by us.

You may not copy, modify, distribute, sell or rent or reverse engineer any part of our Services and any software contained therein, or attempt to remove the source code of such software.

You can not enter and remain in the whole or part of our information systems, unlawfully or in any other way than we offer you.

You can not monitor the data transfers that occur between our information systems with technical tools without entering the system.

You will not interfere or disrupt the operation of the information system.

You may not take any action or action involving unauthorized or disproportionately large load on the Edufav infrastructure or any viruses or other malware.

You can not disrupt, destroy, alter or make inaccurate the information in the information system. You can not send the existing data elsewhere.

You may not use any tools, tools, or software to intervene or attempt to interfere with our work.

You acknowledge that you will not access or use unauthorized access to the systems and tools without the written consent of us, unauthorized access to the software and data of other real or legal persons directly or indirectly with Edufav. Otherwise, we will not be liable to you for any costs, including, without limitation, any compensation, administrative or judicial penalties and attorneys’ fees that we will have to pay to public institutions and / or third and third parties, You declare.

Open source software is important to us. Some of the software used in our services may be provided under an open source license that we will use. The open source license may be expressly void of these terms.

We regularly change and improve our services. We may add functionality and features to the Services, remove existing functionality and features, and may suspend or stop a Service altogether.

We may restrict use of Edufav services without any reason, suspend and ban completely.

Do not misuse our services. You may not use our services in an unacceptable manner, such as unjust enrichment, or against any other user.

It is illegal, threatening, disturbing, insulting, abusive or libelous in any way that will constitute a criminal offense, requires legal pursuit, infringes the laws or international agreements within the borders of the Republic of Turkey or internationally, or encourages such situations. , Trademark rights or other proprietary rights to others’ privacy rights, infringement, vulgarity, vulgarity, pornographic or public order disruption, unlawful moral, uncomfortable and harassing others, Harass and rape your rights.

You cannot disclosure personal and private personal data about another user or group, user’s or group’s identity, ethnicity, political thought, philosophical belief, religion, sect or other beliefs, costume and suit, association, foundation or trade union membership, health, sexual life, criminal conviction and security measures, as well as biometric and genetic data.

You can not talk about legal and real persons in a lie or misrepresentation, or in a way that will speak of humiliating, degrading expressions.

Even if we do not want you to leave, you can leave to use our services anytime. However, this does not mean that we will give back the rights you give us or that we will return it to you. In addition, we may stop providing our Services to you at any time, or add or create new restrictions on your use of our Services. When you cancel your membership, you expressly state and claim that it is accaptable for you that we are not willing to destroy, or make anonymity your data other than the data we must legally keep

You declare that all the rules and conditions understood, and accepted while using our services, the current regulations and to all the terms and conditions specified, to act in accordance with the code of ethics, procedures required by the relevant legislation in the content uploaded by you.

You acknowledge that you are responsible for all legal and criminal liability in any transaction or action you may have directly or indirectly through our Services.

You acknowledge and agree that you are not liable in any way to the goods and services you have received from the third and the legal entity through the use of the information that you have obtained directly or indirectly through Edufav services and that you have already misled us in the face of any liability which may be disclosed to us under the provisions of the applicable legislation.

There are some issues that we can not promise about our services, even if we pay great attention to it when presenting our services. We do not have any specific promises about our services, except for those of our service providers or our suppliers or distributors, expressly stated on these terms and conditions. For example, we make no commitments about the content contained in the services, the specific functions of the services, their reliability, availability or needs. We offer services “as it is”. If these conditions are contrary to the laws of the country you are affiliated with, do not use our services. In the event you use the Services, you acknowledge and agree that you do not belong to us and that you have waived all of your rights.




All content you create on Edufav belongs to you and your content is as important as ours. If you feel that your copyright has been violated for this reason, you should let us know.

We use this information to inform you about our suppliers and the third parties we cooperate with and those belonging to them. All trademarks mentioned in the agreement and in our services belong to their respective owners and we do not claim any rights to them. This information may be shared with you if you are the third party to whom your data is shared regarding the use and protection of your personal data. For this reason, we may include third parties’ names, services and brands of their products to indicate to you the third parties to whom your data is shared, to inform you. That’s why we accept that we are not deceived or deceptive in the sense that we do not have the rights of third parties and that we are directly related to third parties.

Your content should not contain personal data and personalized private personal data. In the event that you do not share your personal data, including your personal data and personal private data, you expressly acknowledge and represent your waiver of all statutory rights, including the Personal Data Protection Act. Apart from these, we may share your personal data and personalized private personal data with third parties and third parties where we use our services for storage, hosting, advertising, marketing, management, analysis, For example, we use the server and storage services provided by Google Inc. for server and storage services, and you agree to the Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, and you agree to share such information with Google. Similarly, Google™ Android™, iOS ™, Google Play ™ Market, AppStore™, Admob ™, Google ™ and Cloud Services, we also benefit from the services of various service providers including, but not limited to. These terms and detailed information about our service providers, our business partners and ours can be accessed from us or from the internet sites of our service providers or you can get information from us. If you do not accept any of these terms, you will not be able to use Edufav and benefit from our services.

Our services can cause your content to change technically. For example, we can reduce the resolution of a photo you upload to quickly complete the transfer of data between your servers and your smart device. In such a case, you agree to be responsible for the new content produced at the same time as the original content.

Our services may display or contain some content that does not belong to us. The entire liability of these contents rests solely with the content providers. We may examine the content to determine whether the content is illegal or violate our policies, and if we think that it violates our policies or our law, we may remove or refuse to view the content. For example, images you upload, videos, sound files, and so on, are studied by a learning artificial intelligence that learns your content. In case of need, this review is also done by people. However, this does not mean that we will definitely examine the content, so please do not assume that we will investigate in any case.

In connection with your use of our services, we may send you service announcements, all kinds of messages and other information.

Some of our services allow you to upload, create, forward, store, send, share or receive content. Some Services may offer you access to the content provided to the Service or methods for removing such content. In addition, some of our Services also have terms or settings that will narrow our coverage of the content sent to the related Services. However, we do not guarantee that these settings will work the way you expect.

We are striving to prevent your data and content from being censored for the protection of your freedom of expression. However, we reserve the right not to publish in Edufav without giving any reason what we do not consider appropriate. We also reserve the right to close or delete the information and contents you upload to the system to third parties.

You can not share pornographic, vulgar, offensive, insulting, imprudent, mental health impairing, threatening, harassing, insulting and abusive content and content which constitutes a crime, requires legal pursuit, causes violation of laws or international agreements. You can not share any content that is contrary to morality, is contrary to rules generally accepted as a society rules, damages the personality rights or similar qualities and implies such similar qualities.

You understand and accept that there is no tolerance for objectionable content or abusive users in Edufav. We have rights to ban such users and content forever from Edufav.




Your use of our services, our services, or the content you are accessing will not give you ownership of any intellectual property rights. You may not use the content in our services as long as you do not obtain permission from the owner or are permitted by law. This contract does not give you the right to use brand elements or logos contained in our services.

You will permanently give us all your intellectual and property rights, including the right to use, distribute, publish, derivative, reproduce and use for commercial purposes all your intellectual and proprietary rights in the content, with an internationally valid license. However, we reserve the right to disclaim this license and its contents.

You may not use, host, store, reproduce, modify, create derivative works of, or otherwise use the Content (including but not limited to the Content),the Content you upload, transmit, post, store Content on our Services and receive Content from our Services (or otherwise, You are granting a worldwide license for use in communication, publication, public disclosure, public display and distribution. It is entirely at our discretion to use the rights you give us in this language as we wish. This license continues even if you stop using our Services.

You must have the rights to give us this license for any content you submit to our Services. By accepting this contract, you declare that you have all the necessary rights. If you do not have these rights, do not accept the contract.

We may use all of your content for commercial purposes without any obligation to you.

All components and elements of Edufav, including but not limited to international copyright and trademark laws, including but not limited to Edufav’s interface, database, design, text, images, codes and any and all other intellectual and financial rights belong to us. We also retain all of our rights, including all of our assets, personal and proprietary rights and commercial information, including Edufav’s content, information, copyrighted works, trademarks, commercial appearance and all material and intellectual property rights we have acquired through Edufav.

You agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Edufav from and against any and all claims, including, without limitation, damages, including, You may not use it to translate it into another language or shape or for any other purpose without permission or authorization.

You acknowledge and undertake that you will not access or use our services or obtain derivative works of any data or content or display it to the public with any robots, spiders or other automated / manual processes without our prior and clear prior written consent.

The use of the information in Edufav is subject to my permission under the provisions of Law No. 5846 on Intellectual and Artistic Works. You may not use Edufav for any purpose, including through illegal means, without the express permission of the copyrighted material and information.

Content and images contained in Edufav may only be used on terms and conditions that we have authorized otherwise, and may not be posted, used, reproduced, uploaded, impacted, presented or published on any other data processing device. Some or all of Edufav may not be used without permission in any information environment through other media / publications and real / legal persons without reference.

You agree and undertake not to abide by the provisions of the relevant legislation and not to violate them. Otherwise we reserve the right to refuse you for any compensation and / or administrative / judicial penalties we have to pay to public institutions and / or third parties.

The infringer has the right to access and / or use Edufav in the event that the owner of the copyright owner or his / her representative has notified us of your use of Edufav as an illegal entitlement or as a means of infringement, or if this is fixed by a court order or the affirmation of the user concerned Canceled. We reserve the right to deny access or use rights of users, from such notification, to the court’s decision to us, or to cancel it before the court, if we do not understand or suspect that we have actually violated the alleged rights infringement or infringement of rights by our own technical means.




The Edufav Community Guidelines are an integral part of this contract.

Edufav users;

  1. In each case they act friendly and respectfully to livings
  2. Share their knowledge.
  3. They ran and act in accordance with the law.
  4. They do not store.
  5. They do not pass the border (The border everyone knows when it is passed).




The Privacy Policy is an integral part of this contract.

If you use or take advantage of the Edufav services, you acknowledge that your private life and family life are respected and that the privacy of your private and family life has not been touched.

Although we do make great efforts to protect personal data about you; we do not guarantee that your data will be protected under all circumstances. If you claim this right, you should not use Edufav services. If you use the Edufav services, you are expressly consenting to the processing of your personal and private data.

We update our services frequently and carry out the technical work necessary for security. However, we do not guarantee that our services and systems do not have any security incidents. For this reason, we do not guarantee that data transfers will remain private under all circumstances. You should not use Edufav services if you want to keep the data transfer confidential in all circumstances.

Edufav will share your personal data and personalized private personal data with third parties and third parties will be able to use your domestic and international communications to improve user experience, to improve our services, to provide new services, to conduct scientific studies, analyze data, to solve user problems, to carry out the activities. We share this data with our suppliers, our business partners and third party real and legal persons. Even if some of these data are anonymized, we or our suppliers and our partners do not guarantee that all your data will be anonymized. By this contract you declare that you accept these terms with your explicit consent.

Edufav can upload, read, modify, delete and share these files, including your device’s cookies.

By using Edufav services, you accept and declare the storing, processing and domestic and international transfer of your personal and private data by Edufav, our suppliers and distributors and our partners.

You can not directly or indirectly share your racial background, political thoughts, religion and beliefs, personal data about your sexual life, and personal data about criminal convictions. They shared the direct or indirect you can not hold us responsible.

You agree that we have no precise and reliable instruments and policies associated with accidental, intentional or unauthorized destruction, loss, obtaining, changing of the personal data recorded automatic file and databases

Automated personal data, automated personal data files and databases, personal, and private qualified personal data are stored in Turkey and around the world, studied and analyzed. You clearly accept and agree that your personal and private qualified personal data stored, recorded, processed and trasnfered domestic and shared with third parties. Your data can transfer abroad due to the presence of us, you can not sue us our suppliers and business partners You can not use our services if you do not accept these issues.

Upon request, we can not guarantee your data will be destroyed as soon as possible.

If you use or gain acces to our services; your personal data is used to improve our services, make new services, carry out scientific studies, analyzing data, users needs, troubleshoot problems, to serve personalized ads and the other revenue provider, is committed to carry out other activities, are shared with third parties, and is transferred to the domestic and overseas. These data we have used is shared with the software, hardware and cloud service providers and advertising companies, electronics market, such as the Google Play Store, AppStore for income generating activities. Even if you’ve stopped your use of our services for the purposes specified by us and our suppliers have historical data may be processed by us and our business partners.

Data processed on both automatic using manual methods can limit your Edufav use. These Therefore, to suffer losses due to processing in violation of the law of personal data us not blame our suppliers and business partners and us, our suppliers and business accepts your açık rıza whether to demand that our partners damage fixed, and you represent.

We benefit from the services served by third parties and we can share your your personal data and private qualified personal data with third parties and third parties may also share your personal data and private qualified personal data.

We, our systems, the third parties systems we use and the systems’ responsible real persons review your content. For example, content created by you can be reviewed by users and artificial intelligence software including but not limited to automatically in the case of reporting of the content to check if it contains sexuality, violence, and hate speech. This case study is the product of thought may be inadequate for any reason we, third parties we are in cooperation and our employees can examine and analyze real content including legal entities. Even if we can not reach a final decision relating to compliance with the rules of Edufav Community Rules about your content, controls and evaluation can be made by community of our users, Other users can share all your personal data, including private personal data, and clearly we can use and share all of your information in the any media or field. If you do not accept these terms, do not use our services.

Applications made by official authorities against you can make us take all the necessery actions and share your data. To take all the measures we have seen the right to disclose any information necessary to respond to requests and we reserve the right. We also pay our rights violations because this is reserved.

To serve services including but not limited to Edufav membership personalization, to improve the user experience and user activities and to track the habits of usage we may collect, process, store, delete, destruct, and transfer domestic and international your “personal data”, “special qualified personal data” and “personal private data”

Business is clearly stated in the contract that; you accept all the Conditions of this agreement and its annexes, if you start using Edufav.  You totally and clearly agree and give rights to us to process, storeage, deletion, and transfer overseas of your “personal data”, “special qualified personal data” and the “personal private data”.




You may be charged a one-time or recurring shape in order to provide access to some of our services. Although one-time items were limited by us your lifetime Edufav use this time period may be terminated unilaterally.

Upon receipt of the products purchased through the app stores, you should share billing information with us to complete your purchase.

We aim to offer free for a specific period of time or discounted introductory price of our products to make you try our products before you buy. We recommend you to take advantage of free trial offers before buying our products if you have the opportunity to try our products. You should contact us if our products does not work as presented or it’s specific functions not working as presented to eliminate problems. If the problem is not corrected as soon as possible within accaptable time, you will be refunded after the bill return.

To comply with the rules and conditions of service of the application on the market with the rules set forth herein, you agree to pay back.




This is a clear indication that; tort, negligence and result in misuse; interruption of operations in Edufav, technical errors, a violation, deletion, loss, unauthorized access, alteration or use in similar matters can not be held responsible and we do not accept any responsibility for loss. You clearly accept and agree to these issues.

We control the accuracy and timeliness of the information generated by us the Edufav as much as possible and practicable. However, despite the work it carried out; Information on Edufav may be behind the actual changes.

Our services may cause any damage to your device and data loss. It can cause data transfer and data charges.  We clearly declare that we do not accept any responsibility for transfers, data loss and data rates.

We do not make warranties and commitments of the content on Edufav created by users.

Edufav has taken several measures regarding electronic security. However, we can not inform you when the system is modified as a result of attacks has technical problems

You agree not to hold responsible for our business partners because off all kinds of use of any content.

If you want to start any legal proceedings relating to the content, you have to fulfill legal obligations and legal procedures by yourself, We will not provide you andu Support related with data, records or content on Edufav on this subject.

You accept that we have no responsibility to check visual authenticity, originality, safety of all the content including content provided by other users. We reserve the right to permanently or temporarily stopping Edufav services.

Edufav is not accurate and complete, so we can not guarantee there will not be errors or losses.

Users of the files they upload to Edufav viruses or pollutants, we can not guarantee that the files users upload has no destructive or destructive properties, viruses or pollutants. . We can not be held liable for any damages stemming from Edufav use.

We are not responsible for typographical errors.




This Agreement may be updated from time to time by us and partially or completely. We would like to emphasize that we would like to notify you of these changes quickly and on time. We aim to you to inform you about change we made with our website and the notfiiactions we sent to smart devices in practice, but in each case (for example, in situations where we do not have internet access or if you do not visit our website or any other reason) we can not guarantee that we will inform you about the contract changes. Therefore, it is your sole responsibility to check contract frequently. Your continued use of our services means you completely agree changes. Therefore, you can not use our services partially or completely if you do not agree terms.

This agreement, including other contracts, terms, conditions, rules and policies may be updated from time to time without notice to you and subject to change. You are solely responsible for the monitoring and control them. If you use our services, it means you follow updates from us and our service providers and you have raed, understood and clearly and accepted all terms.

In all kinds of content knowledge in every kind of organization in this content and text belongs to us and we are the only authority to make changes when we wished.  We reserve the right to make adjustments and updates. These changes, adjustments and updates are deemed to have become effective from the moment it publishes on Edufav. Before using the service you should read carefully Edufav Terms (Terms, User Agreement, Conditions of Use, Conditions, Contract)




This requirement in such disputes related to the Republic of Turkey Ankara courts are authorized.




We may change these terms or any additional terms that apply to a Service without any notice. You will need to check terms and contracts at regular intervals. If you do not agree to the modified terms for our services, you must immediately cease using all our services.

There can not be any reservations on the provisions of the contract.

If there is a mismatch between these terms and the additional terms, provision of the additional terms in said frame conflict.

These terms control the relationship between you and us. It does not create any third party beneficiary rights.

If we do not take action right away if you fail to comply with these contractual terms and conditions, which, without any rights we may have (such as taking action in the future) does not mean we give up.

If a particular term is unenforceable, this will not affect any other terms.

Where permitted by law, we, our suppliers and distributors of our lost profit, or revenue from the data; financial losses or indirect, special, incidental, or punitive damages shall not be liable for compensation. As permitted by legislation, including guarantees for any implied in any legal proceedings arising out of these terms, our total responsibility of our suppliers and distributors to exceed the 1 Turkish Lira is limited to the amount you paid us to use the services.

You can not sue us and you can not be a party to the collective or class action lawsuits against us.

We and our service providers, our suppliers and distributors, in any case, is not responsible for any of your losses or damages.

You accept that Dogru Proje Danismanlik ve Egitim Ticaret Limited Sirketi has Edufav’s exclusive right to use all kinds of Edufav components, and it is a mediation company that mediate foreign based companies for commercial actions.

Resulting from a violation of the use of the Service or the terms, all the demands of all types and functionality, losses, damages, lawsuits, judgments, court costs and all claims, including attorneys’ fees, litigation or legal action against us and depend on us or our officers, agents and employees are not responsible for you. Also in case of breach by you of any provision of this agreement, the damages suffered by third parties, all damages, including court costs and attorneys’ fees, damages, you declare and accept to be responsible for meeting expenses.

In case of a breach of contract, we reserve the right to restrict or completely block your acess of Edufav.

This contract was updated on November 30, 2017.